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How Long Does The Hair Need to Be to Sugar?

Proper preparation prior to sugaring will make a huge difference in how well the sugaring works. First off, the hair needs to be long enough to sugar. There has to be at least a quarter inch of hair grown in so the sugar has something to grip onto. If you currently shave, this usually means waiting about 2-4 weeks for the hair to grow long enough. The hair shouldn't be too long either. If the hair is over a half inch long, it's going to work best if you trim the hair. An electric buzzer works best.

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How to Prepare for Sugaring

Once the hair is the correct length, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin to remove some of the dead skin cells and release any hairs that might be stuck under the skin. The next thing is making sure the skin is clean and dry. Any oils or lotions on the skin will prevent the sugar from grabbing out the hair effectively. For oily skin, using witch hazel will help. After the skin is clean and dry, apply some powder. You can use cornstarch, talc, baby powder or any body powder (free of moisturizers). The powder will protect the skin and also absorb any moisture (sweat, oils) on the skin.

Applying the Sugar

Spreading the sugar onto the skin is called "Molding". The sugar spreads on like a thick paste. You will grab more hair if you mold over the same area three times before flicking it off. When molding, keep your hand perpendicular to the skin; don't apply the sugar with your hand flat. Do not use pressure when applying the sugar. Allow the body heat and gravity to assist you in spreading the sugar on, instead of pushing the sugar into the skin.

Some women enjoy body waxing with hot wax or sugar, referred to as bikini sugaring or brazilian sugaring, which can also be used on eyebrows, underarms, legs and upper lip to enhance kissing, which is a great tip for how to kiss during your first time having sex.

Removing the Sugar

Flicking the sugar off is challenging at first. You need to make sure you have a clean area to flick from. On the final mold before flicking, mold the sugar all the way out to the end and a little past where there was sugar before. Then stop moving your hand, drop it down flat against the skin, put a little pressure, make sure you are holding the skin tight with the other hand, and then flick with some force. Do not flick up and away from the body. Instead, flick in-line with the area you are sugaring, like you would remove a band-aid.

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Sugar is Better!

Sugaring is better than waxing. Sugar isn't hot and can be handled with bare hands.

Sugaring grabs more hair and because sugar lubricates the hair follicle during application, hair pulls out easier.

Learning the "flick" technique will help the sugar work in much the same way tweezers do, grabbing out the stubble.

Be 100% confident knowing, we'll be here to help you every step of the way! Remain calm. You can do this!

If you are wondering about the difference between brazilian wax vs. bikini wax, we have a professional aesthetician available to help you learn how to sugar wax yourself at home.

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You Can Do This!

Sugaring is an option for both males and females. There are many benefits to switching from traditional waxing to Brazilian or bikini sugaring. You can do this! Give sugaring a try and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

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How to give yourself a Brazilian or bikini wax at home using sugaring instead of traditional hot waxing. Watch the how to video!

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